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Emon Five is a male pilot in the Otomedius Series, based on Ganbare Goemon.


Character Background

Emon Five is the guy. The male. He has a large pipe, wears purple, and has a similar weapon set to Hikaru. Opposite sides of the spectrum apparently.

Power up Order and Default Weapon Cards

Speed Missile Option Double Laser Sheild
Speed Flying Torpedo (F. Torpedo) Formation Option (F. Option) Reverse Freeway (Reverse) Twin Laser (T. Laser) Force Field (Force)

Otomedius and Otomedius Gorgeous

Emon Five is only in Otomedius and Otomedius Gorgeous. He was the 3rd character revealed, and the final character in the Initial release day version of Otomedius.

Otomedius Excellent

Emon Five was cut from the team in Otomedius Excellent and has been replaced with a 1:1 female copy in the form of Arnval.

D-Burst (Otomedius)

Emon Five's D-Burst is a large, all powerful laser. Purple in color, it tears through anything and everything in Otomedius. Unlike Arnval's Hyper Blaster, It hits and stops against anything it comes in contact with, but it is much more powerful than Hyper Blaster. Also unlike Arnval, His options are positionable during the D-Burst and fire smaller powerful lasers during the event.

D-Burst (Otomedius Excellent)

Emon Five is not currently in Otomedius Excellent, but Arnval is, and is a near identical character.

Downloadable Content (Otomedius Gorgeous)

Emon Five did not receive a costume change for Otomedius Gorgeous, but did receive a music pack for 400 Microsoft Points featuring music from Axelay.

Emon Five was also included in one of the Icon Packs, and both of the themes.

Downloadable Content (Otomedius Excellent)

Emon Five is not currently in Otomedius Excellent, and has no DLC in Otomedius Excellent.

General Strategies

All general strategies involving formation option are valid. Spray and Pray using Twin Missile is a very effective method of staying safe, and is good for new players. Emon Five doesn't get Homing Missile, but does get Hawk Wind, which thanks to his formation option, is a close enough substitute. Players looking for a Hikaru Replacement can use Spread Bomb or Hawk Wind here, but obviously can't equip both like she could. Twin Laser is equal in power and quantity to Carrot.

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