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Developer credits are listed as porting company first (as applicable), original developer second. Publishers are not listed in any particular order.

Aerial AssaultSegaSega1992Horizontal
Alien SyndromeSimsSims, Sega1992Free Push-scroll
Centipede (part of Arcade Classics)Al Baker and Associates, AtariSega1996Fixed (Vertical)
Choplifter IIIBeam, Teeny WeenyExtreme Entertainment Group1993Horizontal Push-scroll
DropzoneCodemastersCodemasters1994Horizontal Push-scroll
Fantasy Zone (aka Fantasy Zone Gear)Sanritsu, SegaSims, Sega1991Horizontal
Galaga 2 (aka Galaga '91)NamcoNamco1991Fixed (Vertical)
GG AlesteCompileCompile1991Vertical
GG Aleste II (aka Powerstrike II)CompileSega1993Vertical
GriffinTelenet Japan1991Vertical Push-scroll
Halley WarsTaitoSega1991Vertical
Magical Taruruuto-KunTsukuda Ideal?Tsukuda Ideal1991Horizontal
Smash T.V. (aka Super Smash T.V.)Probe, WilliamsFlying Edge1992Fixed (Arena)
Super Space InvadersTiertexDomark1993Fixed (Vertical)
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