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A Beginners Guide to Basic Wiki Editing

What appears below is not intended to be a complete or exhaustive resource. There's always Wikipedia for that. Hopefully it will be enough to get you started though.

Pages linked in red are pages that have not yet been created. If you try to visit them, you will be greeted with an edit box devoid of content. If you're logged in, you can begin creating that page!

For pages with content already, you should see a little tab marked Edit up at the top. Clicking that will bring up the edit box with all of that page's current content and mark-up text.

Editing (or creating) a page is like posting in a forum: your changes only go through when you click the Save page button at the bottom of the screen. So if you start to write something but change your mind about contributing it, not to worry. On the other hand, if you work hard on something, be sure to click Save page (or manually save a copy of your work to your computer) before leaving the page.

If you know something but don't know how the mark-up code works, don't sweat it. Contribute what you can where you can. If you need help with something (a section needs a link but you don't know how yet), hopefully this document will help you. If it doesn't or if something doesn't seem to be working correctly, consider leaving the relevant information on the page's Talk page (accessible by clicking the Discussion tab at the top of the screen). Hopefully down the line someone else can integrate your information or suggestion into the page itself. Additionally, you may wish to leave a suggestion in this page's Talk page for something that needs explanation or clarification.

Very basic text formatting

Italics: put two apostrophes ( ' ) before and after the text you want italicized. e.g. ''Come into my parlor..'' becomes Come into my parlor...

Boldface: put three apostrophes before and after the text you want in boldface. e.g. '''... said the spider to the fly.''' becomes ... said the spider to the fly.

Links and Linking

1. Linking to a page within the wiki: Put a pair of square brackets around the page name. For example, to link to the Dreamcast page, you should type [[Dreamcast]]. (Renders as Dreamcast)

2. Linking to a specific part of a page (anchor links): First, you need to be sure the section of the page you wish to link to has two equal signs before and after the section name (e.g., ==Games Appearing in Compilations==). The link itself should be a hash/number/pound sign (#) followed by the subsection name you created above. For example, [[#Games Appearing in Compilations]] renders as #Games Appearing in Compilations but the link shouldn't work.

3. Linking to a specific part of another page: To link to a subsection of another page, you will want to provide the page name, a hash/number/pound sign, and the subsection name all run together. For example, [[Dreamcast#Games Appearing in Compilations]] renders as Dreamcast#Games Appearing in Compilations.

4. Links with different text: If you want to create a link with text other than the destination name, you need to add a pipe symbol ( | ) and the display text after the page name. e.g., [[Dreamcast|Of course, there's always Dreamcast...]] renders as Of course, there's always Dreamcast.... This should work on any of the types of links above; just make sure the pipe symbol and display name are the last part of your link text.

5. External links: if you're linking to something not in the wiki itself, the link format is a little different. Start with an open bracket and the complete URL (with http:// or ftp:// etc. as applicable). Add a space and the text you want displayed in the wiki for that link. Finally, add a close bracket. For example, [ SHMUPS!] renders as SHMUPS!.

Other Resources

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