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Otomedius X (Excellent!)

Cover for Otomedius Excellent
Developer(s) Konami

Publisher(s) Konami
Release date(s) JPN April 21st, 2011

EU N/A NA November 1st, 2011

Genre(s) Horizontal scrolling shooter
Mode(s) Up to three players simultaneous, and Xbox Live
Rating(s) CERO: C with Sexual Content

ESRB: T for Teen with Mild Fantasy Violence, Suggestive Themes, Partial Nudity

Platform(s) Xbox 360
Input 8-way joystick, 4 buttons

Otomedius Excellent is a 2011 entry to the Otomedius Series. It is an Xbox 360 game announced for release in both Japan and North America, a first for the series.



Otomedius Excellent at its base level plays similar to its predecessors, Otomedius Gorgeous, Otomedius, and Gradius. That being said, the actual gameplay is a mix of Otomedius and Otomedius Gorgeous. The game features three gameplay modes, Story Mode, Multiplayer and Score Attack.

Changes from Otomedius Gorgeous

  • Emon 5 has been removed from the team, he has been replaced by Arnval, a robot who has the same weapon load out and D-Burst that Emon did, with the exception of being white instead of purple.
  • The competitive multiplayer mode, Versus Mission, has been removed from the game.
  • Using a Platonic Burst does not consume a Burst token.
  • You may now stock up to 9 bursts.
  • Extra lives are awarded as dropped items.
  • Bursts may not be stocked using power ups, they must be picked up as dropped items.
  • Platonic Burst does not require the touch screen to aim.

Significant Improvements

A common grievance with the Otomedius Series is the amount of grind required to finish collecting the weapon cards and illustration cards. Otomedius Excellent does a lot of things differently from the earlier entries in the series to make this less of an issue than it was in Otomedius Gorgeous. Weapon Cards are now dropped by specific enemies in game, all that needs to be done to obtain a card is to destroy the enemy that has it. Most of the bosses that have multiple parts that can be destroyed will drop several cards. For location information, see Otomedius Excellent Weapon Locations.

New Characters

  • Gesshi Hanafuuma
  • Arnval
  • Strarf (Downloadable Content)
  • Kokoro Belmont (Downloadable Content)
  • Hyper Anoa (Still Aoba Anoa, but with a much larger power up meter featuring 9 items, and she can only equip 2 options)


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