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Otomedius Excellent doesn't require the player to finish a game to get a single weapon, or to collect a currency to purchase weapons with. Instead, when playing the game, certain enemies will be using the weapon cards you can get. Killing that enemy will provide you with that weapon card at the end of that session. Higher levels of weapon cards currently equipped are NOT auto equipped when obtained.

How to read this chart, Find the weapon card you want on the left, and then move over to the level. The Box contains the Difficulty you must play on, followed by (Loop - Stage). If there is an "S" where Loop is, this means you need to play in Story Mode and not normal or Score Attack mode. Story Mode is the only mode with the final stage and true last boss, so all cards found on stage 8 will be on Story Mode. You can only play Loop 1 of Normal or below in multiplayer modes, you can still play alone in a multiplayer mode. Score Attack Mode is equivalent to expert, so you can play that to get the high loop cards only in Expert mode.



Name Level 1
Speed Default
Idaten (Speed.I) Level Any character to Archangel Lv8
Arpeggio (Speed.A) Level Any character to Principalities Lv7
Smooth (Speed.S) Level Any character to Powers Lv6
Reverse (Speed.R) Level Any character to Virtues Lv5
Horizontal (Speed.H) Level Any character to Dominions Lv4
Vertical (Speed.V) Level Any character to Thrones Lv3
Sutorijendo (Speed.D) Level Any character to Cherubim Lv2


Weapon Name Level 1 Level 2
Missile Default Normal (2-5)
Twin Missile Default Normal (3-5)
Spread Bomb Default Expert (S-6)
Flying Torpedo Default Normal (3-1)
Photon Torpedo Normal (S-4) Normal (2-4)
Rocket Punch Default Expert (2-2)
Hawk Wind Default Normal (3-4)
Homing Missile Default Expert (S-7)
Vertical Mine Normal (S-3) Expert (S-2)
Napalm Missile Normal (2-7) Expert (3-5)
Up Missile Normal (S-6), Expert (S-6) Normal (2-6)
Small Spread Bomb Normal (2-1) Normal (3-1), Normal (3-4)
Rolling Missile Default Expert (2-3)
Search Missile Normal (S-2) Normal (2-2)
Two Way Missile Normal (2-2) Expert (3-5)
Floating Mine Default Expert (S-1), Expert (10-1)
Bound Normal (S-7), Expert (S-7) Normal (2-7)
Parabola Normal (2-4) Expert (S-4)
Surface Missile Normal (2-1) Expert (2-1)


Weapon Name Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Double Default Normal (S-4) Expert (S-4)
Ripple Laser Default Normal (3-3) Expert (2-5)
Tailgun Default Normal (3-1) Expert (3-1)
Reverse Freeway Default Normal (3-7) Expert (S-7)
Freeway Normal (1-5) Expert (1-5), Expert (S-5) Expert (3-5)
3 Way Normal (S-1) Expert (2-1) Expert (2-4)
Reflex Ring Normal (S-3) Expert (S-3) Normal (3-3)
Vertical Double Normal (3-2) Expert (S-3) Expert (S-4)
Boomerang Easy (1-1) Normal (2-1) Expert (3-4)
Shotgun Expert (1-1) Easy (1-1), Normal (2-1), Expert (2-1) Expert (3-1)
Wiper Normal (1-2) Expert (S-7) Expert (3-7)
Back Double Default Normal (S-1) Expert (S-1)
Winder Default Expert (2-3), Expert (S-6) Normal (3-4)
V Axis Normal (2-4) Normal (3-2) Expert (3-1)
Round Laser Default Expert (S-7) Expert (S-8)
Reverse Double Normal (2-2) Expert (1-5) Expert (3-2)
Auto Aiming Default Expert (S-1) Expert (3-4)
T.Sword Default Normal (2-4) Expert (2-4)


Weapon Name Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Laser Default Normal (1-2) Expert (2-2)
Vulcan Default Expert (S-7) Normal (2-7)
Cyclone Laser Default Expert (S-6) Normal (2-6)
Twin Laser Default Normal (1-5) Expert (2-5)
Napalm Shot Normal (2-3) Expert (2-3) Expert (3-3)
Wave Normal (2-3) Expert (2-3) Expert (3-3)
Fire Blaster Normal (S-3) Normal (2-3) Normal (3-3)
Gravity Bullet Default Expert (S-8) Expert (3-4)
Search Laser Default Easy (1-1),Expert (2-1), Expert (S-1) Normal (2-1)
Up Laser (Laser) Expert (S-3) Expert (S-2) Expert (3-2)
Down Laser (Laser) Normal (1-4) Expert (S-3) Expert (S-8)
Energy Laser Normal (1-5) Expert (4-5) Expert (5-5)
Ion Ring Expert (S-7) Expert (2-7) Expert (S-8)
Aqua Laser Default Normal (1-4) Normal (2-4)
Armor Piercing Normal (3-7) Expert (4-7) Expert (5-7)
Dagger Default Normal (3-4) Expert (S-3), Expert (S-4), Expert (2-3)
Pulse Laser Default Normal (1-2) Normal (1-6)
Back Laser Normal (S-5) Expert (2-7) Expert (2-5)

Others and Downloadable Content

Weapon Name Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Nen-Do-Ha Default Normal (S-7) Expert (2-5)
Back Beam Default Level Hyper Anoa to Archangels Lv1 Level Hyper Anoa to Dominions Lv1
Up Laser (Missile) Default Level Hyper Anoa to Powers Lv1 Level Hyper Anoa to Thrones Lv1
Down Laser (Missile) Default Level Hyper Anoa to Virtues Lv1 Level Hyper Anoa to Cherubim Lv1
Vector Laser (Laser) Download Aoba Anoa Alternate Outfit Level Aoba Anoa To ??? Level Aoba Anoa To ???
Disruptor (Laser) Download Eru Tron Alternate Outfit Level Eru Tron To ??? Level Eru Tron To Thrones 1
Cannon (Double) Download Madoka Alternate Outfit Level Madoka To ??? Level Madoka To ???
Shadow Laser (Laser) Download Diol Twee Alternate Outfit Level Diol Twee To ??? Level Diol Twee To ???
Megaphone (Double) Download Tita Nium Alternate Outfit Level Tita Nium To ??? Level Tita Nium To ???
Ion Cannon (Laser) Download Esmeralda Alternate Outfit Level Esmeralda To ??? Level Esmeralda To ???
Black Hole Bomb (Missile) Download Poini Coon Alternate Outfit Level Poini Coon To ??? Level Poini Coon To ???
Dual Laser (Laser) Download Arnval Alternate Outfit Level Arnval To ??? Level Arnval To ???
Psycom Laser Download Strarf Level Strarf to ??? Level Strarf to ???
Mindblast Download Strarf Level Strarf to ??? Level Strarf to ???
Beam Whip Download Kokoro Belmont Level Kokoro Belmont To ??? Level Kokoro Belmont To ???
Holy Water (Missile) Download Kokoro Belmont Level Kokoro Belmont To ??? Level Kokoro Belmont To ???
Axe (Double) Download Kokoro Belmont Level Kokoro Belmont To ??? Level Kokoro Belmont To ???
Boomerang Cross (Laser) Download Kokoro Belmont Level Kokoro Belmont To ??? Level Kokoro Belmont To ???
2 Way Back (Missile) Download Gesshi Hanafuuma Alternate Outfit Level Gesshi Hanafuuma To ??? Level Gesshi Hanafuuma To ???
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