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This is meant to be a page to discuss the current priorities for contributors to work on, feel free to add to this page and/or improve it


#0 Template

I want uniform categories sorted out so I can post that with every game added to the site. I sure as hell don't wanna go back and clean up the content for every game just because we decided the template later. Go to Talk:Main_Page and help with it.

--DJI 02:54, 20 October 2009 (UTC)

#1 Content

The main priority at this point, since we don't have any template for a basic game "page" would be to transfer content from the shmupsforum Strategy section and other reliable sources and import it to the wiki by creating basic pages for the games. Also, if you decide to start importing strategy data from a website or the forum, please try to add everything there is from that specific source so others wont have to go back and finish your work.

#2 Formatting

This category pretty much shares the #1 spot with content, but it needs some discussion and planning (can't be done by a single person). What we need is a good basic template for game pages, a way to link from pages to other (a navbox of some kind) and some idea about what info is relevant for the wiki and what is superfluous.

#3 Improving this page

This page is just a sketch, we would need to have some more categories, more details about what "small" contributors can do and what can be done by more serious ones.

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