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The Rules page is meant to address civil matters such as talk pages. Verbal comments to others. This does not address the content on the articles themselves as far as how to edit a article. That is covered on the Community Portal.

Being Civil with others on talk pages is of great importance here much like the forum.

If you find your dealing with someone that seems to be ignoring these rules, please contact a Bureaucrat (Moderator)

The rules here are the same as the forum, therefore we copied them. (Shmups! Forum Rules – 2006.07.11)



  • Legality. Serious note – you're legally responsible for anything you post here.
  • Conduct. Another serious note – no personal attacks, threats or harassment of any kind.
  • Netiquette. Please keep postings to the appropriate topic areas. We will never have a concrete definition of a shmup, so make a sensible judgement – maybe that Mario thread belongs in the Off Topic forum. Sticking to established threads on a subject is appreciated, the search function can be helpful finding these, as can indexes where posted.
  • Netiquette(2). If you're posting a potential spoiler, please tag it in the subject, and please don't 'bump' your topics, it's not fair to other people. Deliberately misquoting previous posts to change the meaning isn't welcome, but obviously fixing up typos or formatting is fine.

Not for discussion

  • No ISO trading, ROM begging, bootlegging, modchip sales, copyright infringement, or assistance with any of these – for example warez FTP site details. It doesn't matter what is legal in your country, there are no exceptions to this rule – although discussion of emulation is not a problem.
  • Please don't start flamewars for the sake of it, we will put them out. Heated discussion happens, people have different opinions, but it's obvious when someone is purely out to cause trouble.
  • Don't disclose the personal information of other board members without their express consent.
  • Don't post or link to offensive or illegal content. Remember that some people may visit the forum from their place of work or school. A well worded topic can help people avoid what they don't want to see, and we are not a hentai dumping ground.
  • Don't spam the forum, this includes running your web business through our trade section. Also if you're going to post Play-Asia affiliate links clearly mark them as such.


  • We operate a strict policy of one account per user, and don't clone avatars to try to impersonate other people.
  • In an effort to fight spam accounts the first post of a new user will be sent to a queue where it will wait until approved by a moderator. After the first post has been approved posting will happen normally.
  • Signatures must be a maximum of 4 lines long, including newlines. If you want an image, it must be non animated, and a maximum of 200x50 pixels. The image will count as using 3 of the 4 lines.


  • Moderators may take appropriate action to uphold these rules as they see fit, with appropriate consideration given to the discussion in question. This includes for example, moving topics to the correct forum, editing posts (with indication where this has been carried out), locking or deleting topics entirely, or if need be outright user bans. We'd like to not have to.
  • If you don't understand why a moderator has done something, please discuss it with them first in private messages. If you need to refer it to someone else, you can send a message to any of the other moderators.
  • We understand people make mistakes, and will try not to unfairly bust them up over it. The same understanding in return is appreciated.


  • Shoot the core!
  • Be attitude for gains.
  • Enjoy.
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