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This Project aims to rebuild what was the Shoot the Core Database ( Information has been found on Postman himself gave some of the information to help get this project going. This Project was conceived in the Shmups Forum thread: "Shoot The Core database: partial listing available".


Project Goals

This project aims to rebuild what was the Shoot the Core Database as noted above. This list of things to do:

  • Part I: Organizing Phase
    • Adding all 775 games info from Spread sheet to the 8 work pages.
    • Format all 8 pages to wiki markup.
    • Organize by alphabet instead of how the spread sheet had them.
    • Change all game names so they are not in all caps
  • Part II: Assemble and Build on
    • Make a page for the "Table Version" database.
    • Move all information from all 8 pages.
    • Add Postman's noted games he listed not on the list.
    • Make sure all spread sheet information is accounted for, and remove the Data sheet and id numbers.
  • Part III: Classical Design
    • Start of all 27 alphabet/number pages and a page for "Classic Version" database that will be where the pages are listed.
    • Build all pages with information already on "Table Version" database.
    • Add images and research to replace images that are currently missing. Make new ones where the old ones can't be found.


The Spread Sheet file only has 775 entries, so the rest of the "1311?" may be lost. We will just build and see what happens.


[Data sheet] This is the number of the row the information was in the spread sheet.

[id] The internal identification for this entry. I think it was a simple sequential integer, and so it indicates the order in which the games were entered into the database. The first recorded is 16 and the last is 1258.

[title] Game title.

[details] The game comments, as is. Only the "(sorry, no link known)" remarks and newlines were automatically removed.

[company] Company name.

[type] Game type, can be: Browser, Commercial, Demo or Full game (free).

[filesize] Game size, when available.

[playarea] Main game mechanics, can be: Fixed, Horizontal, Isometric, Multi, Tube and Vertical.

[subgenre] Game genre, where available: Abstract, Anime, Asteroids, Cute-em-up, Defender, Dodge Sim, Geo Wars, Gradius, Hentai, Horror, Ikaruga, Invaders, Puzzle/Shmup, RPG/Shmup, Touhou, Vs. and War.

[award] When marked as TRUE, means the game is a recommended one.

[link] One or more http links to the game download.

Work Files

The first batch are of the Table database project. Eventually it will end up one file. I just found it easier to work with batches of 100 entries, than to try to build the whole thing in one shot.

The second part of the project will have a second version of the the information in a semi-"classic" look, mostly sharing the design of the 2006-2008, but will also have the color scheme and info introduced later on. Since I'm using wiki mark-up, I am limited to how close I can get.


  • Marcelo-He provided the raw information and saved the project a few steps. Pretty much without him, this project just wouldn't had happened.
  • Postman-This information is from his site, so how could I not thank him. He also helped and gave a list for the things missing.
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