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We should discuss what sections should go into every game article. If every video game is written in a different way, stuff becomes harder to scan through to find the info the user is looking for, especially when long strategy guides or massive backstory starts getting included.

General Direction

Q: The main page says the goal is to transfer the wiki pages to the Xenocide files, does that mean the focus of the wiki is to improve the Xenocide files or the other way around? Also, as I pointed out on the forums wikipedia already has loads of "general" information about most shmups, maybe it would be interesting to focus on deeper or more specific aspects of the games?

A: Yes, while the main focus of the wiki is to obtain enough information about each game to finally update the Xenocide files, that doesn't have to be the only focus. It will be up to the community to take the site in new directions if they wish it (culture, icons, data searching & organization, etc.) The reason for this main focus is we can't be certain this wiki site will be able to sustain all the useful information in the long term (because of spam, poor users, etc.). Therefore, we are using this more as a drafting ground while the original will still be the permanent host of 'completed' information on the videogames. We can easily be proved wrong and shmupswiki could become the essential site for all STG documentation, but I'm just covering our asses so no completed work will be for nothing. Also, I'm intending for wiki-to-Xenocide transfers to occur once per game. So the efficiency of this project will depend on the quality of the community content. That's why I'm trying to setup all templates before content starts appearing in the high volumes.

--DJI 16:58, 19 October 2009 (UTC)

(add more questions and dialog here)

The General template I'm brainstorming is below. Feel free to add to it in the appropriate format anything that has been left out.



Type: (Horizontal, Vertical, Arena, Slider, Tube, Isometric, Hybrid) (Note: run-and-gun and rail-shooters are considered borderliners, not officially shmups) Difficulty Style: (Standard, Semi-Hell, Memorizor, Manic Bullet-Hell) Japanese Spelling: Developer: Publisher & Release Date* - East: (Japan, Asia, etc.) Publisher & Release Date* - West: (United States, Canada, Mexico, etc.) Publisher & Release Date* - Europe: Publisher & Release Date* - Australia: (*Include all [debatable] conflicting release dates) Original Game System Release: (first console/machine game built for) System Ports: (all other consoles videogame has been released for) Available in MAME: Arcade Hardware: (if applicable) Stage Count: (& Loops?) Game Modes: Estimated Time of 1CC Playthrough: Default Player Life Count: Extra Life Extends: (by score or icon collect) Difficulty Options: Offline or Online Leaderboards: (by region, world) Number of Players: (simultaneous or alternating) Notable Staff Credits: Common Abbreviations & Pronunciation(s): Official or Developer Websites: Metacritic Score:


Post links to relevant screenshots or embed reasonable sized images on the page. (direct hotlinking lightly discouraged)

Screenshots: Artwork: Instruction Manual: Promotional Material: PCB Manual: (if applicable)

Overall Unique Characteristics

STGs are kinda like golf courses. They all look the same at first glance, but look closer and there are specific things about the title people seek. What differentiates this game from other IPs or the games before/after it? Your weapon types? Memorable bosses? Strange Artwork? Scoring System? A raccoon with giant balls?

Player Mechanics

Describe the controls, selectable ships/characters, what type of weapons you start with and what you can get it to, describe the powerup system if there is one. What is your player size hitbox? What is the enemy or bullet size hitbox? Describe unique interactions with enemies/powerups like the R-Type Force Pod, Triggerheart Exelica anchor throw, or in Geometry Wars 2 with the running through gates to make them detonate enemies.

Version & Port Differences

This section details all the known differences between the same versions of a video game across different gaming machines or different region releases. For example, Xexex Japan has a standard 1hit death like in most STGs, but the Arcade US version granted players a life bar able to take multiple hits before losing a life. Gradius 3 Arcade is often considered the hardest Gradius of all time with many extended stages, memorizor traps, and a 3D stage, while Gradius 3 SNES had a ton of edits, powerup changes, added bonus stages, slowdown, and sound tweaks. Also, feel free to use this space for known issues or tweaks found in MAME versions.


Shmup games very similar to this one.

Demonstrations, Replays, Scores, & Superplays

Known list of good youtube/niconico captures and replay listings by player and accomplishment with links where legal. You may also list top or notable scores & scorers, known world records from Arcadia/Gamest and Twin Galaxies.

Scoring System


Tournament Recommendation

Can this game be used in score-comparison tournament play? There are several unique identifiers for determining this.

The infinite scoring loop. Often called 'infinites', 'infinite loop', or 'infinite milking' This is when stage progression freezes until some objective is cleared. Normally this is a boss or midboss fight. What happens is certain games will have these parts where the player can continue scoring points without achieving the objective. If the game never progresses, the player can remain there and score points infinitely, breaking the competition of the game, as it is reduced to who has the longest patience instead of skill.

To determine an infinite scoring loop: Play (1CC or credit feed) through a game in full, but at every part where stage progression freezes or boss fight encounter, evaluate the following: Can you score points before the end of the fight? If yes, are the ways to score these points respawning endlessly? If yes, does the fight end after an elapsed amount of time? (Is there a boss timeout?) If no, does the difficulty of this section [i]noticeably[/i] increase the longer you remain at that section? If no, [i]you have discovered an infinite scoring loop[/i]. If yes, does the timed increasing difficulty level off, cap, or stop at some point? If yes, [i]you have discovered an infinite scoring loop[/i]

Infinite Checkpoint Abuse: The other infinite scoring loop type is checkpoint abuse. In videogames where dying restarts the player at a previous location (instead of instantly), often it is possible to accumulate more points to a grand total losing a life before a checkpoint than it is to simply reach the end of a stage without dying (depending on the scoring system). If it is possible for a player to obtain an extra life, die, then respawn at a previous location where points can be accumulated and obtain the extra life again, die, and repeat, this is also considered an infinite scoring loop.

Videogames with Infinite Scoring Loops without using tool assists (autofire, throttle, etc.) are recommended to be eliminated from tournament play.

Codes, Configurations, & Achievements

Known button codes, Things that can be enabled by dip switch settings, Notable Xbox 360 Achievements or Playstation Trophys (and tricks to get them?)

Game Series

Share more detail about the franchise of the videogame in comparison to the prequels/sequels next to it.


The in-game story or whatever is often written in the instruction manual. Type that out with the cutscene text. Go ahead and spoil the ending since credit feeding is easy.

Trivia, Backstory, & Wise Reviews

Fun facts that don't really go anywhere else, tell an interesting story of how this videogame came about, or share about the videogames or media this title references or other videogames or media that reference this title. Also, intelligent reviews on the shooting game are rare, so post links to great ones you know about.


Links, guides, anything and everything talked about in the strategy & hiscore forums goes here. Also, how the Rank works, 1up locations, all that good stuff.

Shmup Term Glossary:


~Index lists of games by abbreviations, years, platforms (possibly split by console regions), developers and publishers, subgenres, perceived difficulty, and other categorizations~

Add or expand on this if you want, or write down your revision or suggestion below mine

-DJ Incompetent

--DJI 18:48, 11 November 2009 (UTC)

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