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While the Xbox360 has become the shmup machine of its day, the original Xbox was not so fortunate. A grand whopping one shmup (Xyanide) was made specifically for the console and released to stores. In addition there were ports of three arcade games released at the time: Shikigami no Shiro, Shikigami no Shiro II, and Psyvariar 2. The far majority of shmups on the system were simply emulations of old arcade games released as large compilations or downloadable remakes of old arcade games. Not exactly thrilling stuff if you were already familiar with the originals.

Probably the most noteworthy shmup on the original Xbox was Geometry Wars, and it wasn't even a standalone retail release.

Retail Releases

Developer credits are listed as porting company first (as applicable), original developer second. Publishers are not listed in any particular order.

Atari AnthologyDigital Eclipse, AtariAtari, Microsoft2004Various (compilation)
Capcom Classics CollectionDigital Eclipse, CapcomCapcom2005Various (compilation)
Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2Digital Eclipse, CapcomCapcom2006Various (compilation)
Intellivision Lives!Realtime Associates, ?Crave2004Various (compilation)
Midway Arcade TreasuresDigital Eclipse, MidwayMidway2003Various (compilation)
Midway Arcade Treasures 2Digital Eclipse, MidwayMidway2004Various (compilation)
Namco MuseumMass Media, NamcoNamco2002Various (compilation)
Namco Museum 50th AnniversaryDigital Eclipse, NamcoNamco2005Various (compilation)
Psyvariar 2 Extend EditionSKONECSuccess2004Vertical
Shikigami no ShiroAlfa SystemMediaQuest2002Vertical
Shikigami no Shiro Evolution RedAlfa SystemMediaQuest2002Vertical
Shikigami no Shiro Evolution BlueAlfa SystemMediaQuest2002Vertical
Shikigami no Shiro IIAlfa SystemKids Station2004Vertical
Taito LegendsAtomic Planet/Empire Oxford, TaitoEmpire, Sega2005Various (compilation)
Taito Legends 2Empire Oxford, TaitoEmpire2006Various (compilation)
Tecmo Classic ArcadeTecmoTecmo, Microsoft2005Various (compilation)

Games Appearing in Compilations

GameAppears InTypeOriginal FormatAccess methodReviews
1941: Counter AttackCapcom Classics Collection Vol. 2VerticalArcade
1942Capcom Classics CollectionVerticalArcade
1943: the Battle of MidwayCapcom Classics CollectionVerticalArcade
1943 KaiCapcom Classics CollectionVerticalArcade
AsteroidsAtari AnthologyFixed (Arena)Arcade
AsteroidsAtari AnthologyFixed (Arena)Atari 2600
Asteroids DeluxeAtari AnthologyFixed (Arena)Arcade
AstrosmashIntellivision Lives!Fixed (Vertical)Intellivision
Black WidowAtari AnthologyFixed (Arena)Arcade
BosconianNamco Museum 50th AnniversaryFreeArcade
Buzz BombersIntellivision Lives!Fixed (Vertical)Intellivision
CentipedeAtari AnthologyFixed (Vertical)Arcade
CentipedeAtari AnthologyFixed (Vertical)Atari 2600
Chariot: Adventure through the Sky (part of Three Wonders)Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2HorizontalArcade
CommandoCapcom Classics CollectionVertical push-scrollArcade
Darius GaidenTaito Legends 2HorizontalArcade
DefenderMidway Arcade TreasuresHorizontal Push-scrollArcade
Defender II (aka Stargate)Midway Arcade TreasuresHorizontal Push-scrollArcade
Demons to DiamondsAtari AnthologyFixed (Vertical)Atari 2600
Desert FalconAtari AnthologyDiagonal / IsometricAtari 2600
Dragon SpiritNamco Museum 50th AnniversaryVerticalArcade
Eco FightersCapcom Classics Collection Vol. 2HorizontalArcade
Exed ExesCapcom Classics CollectionVerticalArcade
ExzisusTaito LegendsHorizontalArcade
Forgotten WorldsCapcom Classics CollectionHorizontalArcade
Front LineTaito Legends 2Vertical push-scrollArcade
GalagaNamco Museum, Namco Museum 50th AnniversaryFixed (Vertical)Arcade
Galaga ArrangementNamco MuseumFixed (Vertical)Arcade
Galaga '88Namco Museum 50th AnniversaryFixed (Vertical)ArcadeScore 15,000pts in Pac-Man, 20,000pts. in Ms. Pac-Man, and 40,000pts. in Galaga
GalaxianNamco Museum, Namco Museum 50th AnniversaryFixed (Vertical)Arcade
GekirindanTaito Legends 2VerticalArcade
GravitarAtari AnthologyFree Push-scrollArcade
GravitarAtari AnthologyFree Push-scrollAtari 2600
Grid Seeker: Project Storm HammerTaito Legends 2VerticalArcade
Gun FrontierTaito Legends 2VerticalArcade
Gun.SmokeCapcom Classics CollectionVerticalArcade
Insector XTaito Legends 2HorizontalArcade
KiKi KaiKaiTaito Legends 2FreeArcade
Last DuelCapcom Classics Collection Vol. 2VerticalArcade
Legendary WingsCapcom Classics CollectionVerticalArcade
Lunar RescueTaito Legends 2Fixed (Vertical)Arcade
Metal BlackTaito Legends 2HorizontalArcade
MillipedeAtari AnthologyFixed (Vertical)Arcade
MillipedeAtari AnthologyFixed (Vertical)Atari 2600
Night StalkerIntellivision Lives!Fixed (Maze)Intellivision
PaperboyMidway Arcade TreasuresDiagonal / IstometricArcade
PhoenixTaito LegendsFixed (Vertical)Arcade
PleiadsTecmo Classic ArcadeFixed, VerticalArcade
QuadrunAtari AnthologyFixedAtari 2600
RayForce (aka Gunlock, Layer Section, Galactic Attack)Taito Legends 2VerticalArcade
Return of the InvadersTaito LegendsFixed (Vertical)Arcade
Robotron: 2084Midway Arcade TreasuresFixed (Arena)Arcade
Satan's HollowMidway Arcade TreasuresFixed (Arena)Arcade
Section ZCapcom Classics CollectionHorizontalArcade
Side Arms Hyper DyneCapcom Classics Collection Vol. 2HorizontalArcade
SinistarMidway Arcade TreasuresFree Push-scrollArcade
Sky KidNamco Museum 50th AnniversaryHorizontalArcade
Smash T.V.Midway Arcade TreasuresFixed (Arena)Arcade
Space ArmadaIntellivision Lives!Fixed (Vertical)Intellivision
Space DuelAtari AnthologyFixed (Arena)Arcade
Space HawkIntellivision Lives!Free Push-scrollIntellivision
Space InvadersTaito LegendsFixed (Vertical)Arcade
Space Invaders Part II (aka Deluxe Space Invaders)Taito LegendsFixed (Vertical)Arcade
Space Invaders '95 (aka Akkan-vaders)Taito Legends 2Fixed (Vertical)Arcade
Space Invaders DXTaito Legends 2Fixed (Vertical)Arcade
Speed RumblerCapcom Classics Collection Vol. 2FreeArcade
Spy HunterMidway Arcade TreasuresVertical Push-scrollArcade
Star ForceTecmo Classic ArcadeVerticalArcade
Strato Fighter (aka Raiga Strato Fighter)Tecmo Classic ArcadeHorizontalArcade
Super Space Invaders '91 (aka Majestic Twelve: The Space Invaders Part IV)Taito Legends 2Fixed (Vertical)Arcade
TempestAtari AnthologyFixedArcade
Tokio (aka Scramble Formation)Taito LegendsVerticalArcade
Total CarnageMidway Arcade Treasures 2Multi-directionalArcade
Varth: Operation ThunderstormCapcom Classics Collection Vol. 2VerticalArcade
VindicatorsMidway Arcade TreasuresFree Push-scrollArcade
VulgusCapcom Classics CollectionVerticalArcade
WackoMidway Arcade Treasures 2Fixed (Arena)Arcade
Wizard of WorMidway Arcade Treasures 2Fixed (Maze)Arcade
XeviousNamco Museum 50th AnniversaryVerticalArcade
Yars' Revenge Atari AnthologyFixed (Horizontal)Atari 2600

Minigames or Bonus Games

A few titles on the Xbox contained shmups as mini-games available through normal play or as unlockables.

GameAppears InScrollingAccess methodReviews
DualityGrand Theft Auto: San AndreasFree Push-scroll
Geometry WarsProject Gotham Racing 2Fixed (Arena)Select any Kudos World Series event and get to the car selection screen. Press (Y?) to go to the garage. Walk around the garage to find the arcade machine.
Go Go Space MonkeyGrand Theft Auto: San AndreasHorizontal
??Jade EmpireVertical
Spy Hunter (Arcade)Spy HunterVertical Push-scrollEnter OGSPY as Agent name
They Crawled from UranusGrand Theft Auto: San AndreasFixed
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